North Shore Beer Week

Sept 24 thru Oct 2 - 2011


Guide to who you might see around town:

If you are attending any part of the Beer Week, here's a guide to who you might see out and about the town. If you are a blogger or a craft beer fanatic, send us your details.

See you there!!

Sean, Ian and Ryan

Drink Craft Beer, You've Earned It!!!


Sean Jansen - Sean (Chief Operating Hop Head) - Co-founder and craft beer educator from Sean is the driving force behind our event planning and avid homebrew competition judge.

Follow Sean on Twitter at @2beerguys

Sean Jansen

Ian Cowpar - 2Beerguys.comIan (Chief Technical Hop Head) - Co-founder and craft beer educator from Ian is the man when it comes to site and graphic design/layout, as well as a homebrew competition judge and massive hop head.

Follow Ian on Twitter at @craftbeered

Ian Cowpar

Ryan (Thirsty Beard) - Completes the Bermuda triangle of He is our logistical expert and craft beer fanatic. If you're in a jam and need to get something done, Ryan's your man.

Follow Ian on Twitter at @thirstynobeard

Ryan Jansen

Brian - Seacoast Beverage Lab. Currently residing in Portsmouth, NH, Brian is the source for activity in the area. While the moon is made of cheese, the world is made of beer. Seacoast Beverage Lab is a local blog about his travels and interactions with other beverage lovers. Enojy!

Follow Brian on Twitter at @seacoastbevlab


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